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who i am;

“Belle”, Singapore-born and bred ❁ sixteen ❁ chapped lips  ❁ the only pages i will ever dog-ear are textbook pages ❁ on bad days i reach new levels of apathy ❁ on good days i get eleven hours of sleep ❁ i only ever wear skirts ❁ in love with the thought of being in love ❁ i want to write to feed myself ❁ school is my second home ❁ studying is how i cope with real life ❁ feminism is good and needed ❁ flowers are a worrying addiction of mine ❁ i could sit on my couch and watch cooking shows all day ❁ there is a place in my heart reserved for movies and songs that impale me ❁ i like music that matches my mood ❁ i act to feel alive ❁ i used to draw to express my thoughts until i lost confidence in myself ❁ envy is my biggest sin ❁ i have a tendency to be extreme ❁ please don’t break my heart.


what this blog is about;

Writing about love through rose-tinted glasses, writing about decay with a peculiar fondness, writing about feelings with genuine naivety, writing about life with a sad bitterness.

This blog will feature poems and fictional short stories (a mix of poems I’ve written and poems that I find interesting and would like to share), occasionally adding in quotes and essay-type posts about various interesting things I’ve been thinking about. Some posts will be password-protected, but that is because those consist of my personal thoughts that don’t fall under the category of poems/short stories. They are usually long and bulky, so I like to hide them. However, if you’d like to view, the password for all of the hidden posts is ‘iopenattheclose’.

how often i will post;

I will post about once a week, or try to. (I actually only post when I get inspiration to, but I’m hoping that happens regularly.)

My life consists of just pages and pages of me sitting in my school canteen and being momentarily forgotten by the world.

{The first image was found on We Heart It, the second from Tumblr.}

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